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Gift of Running: First Mile Medal + Training Program

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Give the Gift of Running!

Give this special gift to family members, friends, and loved ones that want to learn to run one mile non-stop. Let this medal inspire your gift recipient of the victory that is possible. May it be the first and sweetest bling on their medal rack!

  • Run Your First Mile Medal
  • I AM A RUNNER wristband
  • Run Your First Mile Training Program (Link to Enrollment)
  • Postcard about the program

The From Fat to Finish Line First Mile Medal measures 3.85” horizontally X 4” vertically. The ribbon is adorned with the words “I AM A RUNNER” along with the From Fat to Finish Line logo. 

Using our Run Your First Mile Training Program, your recipient will run one mile in just 8-12 weeks! After enrollment, the participant will receive a self-paced plan which includes weekly training workouts and motivation emails, coach and mentor advice, and peer accountability in a support community (Facebook Group).